Aegina: For the most delicious fistikia (pistachios)!

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Tips for traveling to Aegina

Have you ever heard of fistikia aeginis (=Aegina pistachios)? If you've never tried them, book a ticket to Greece and go straight to the island of Aegina and experience them fresh! They are soooo good, full of healthy fats and nutrients, like almost all Greek products.

Aegina pistachios fystikia aegis
And yes, these are the pistachios we use in baklava and so many other delicious treats (real pistachio ice cream in Greece is to die for!).
Aegina pistachio baklava

Aegina is so close to Athens! You can be there in just 40 minutes, taking a ferry from Piraeus in the morning and enjoying fresh fish by the sea after a swim at one of the island's charming beaches. Souvala, Marathon, Agia Marina, and Perdika are my top 4 beaches there. If you're planning a trip to Greece this summer and will have a few days in Athens, escape the city and hop over to Aegina. You can discover the home of our very own Philippos Hellenic Goods, too!

Meet Philippos: our artisan in Aegina

Philippe Polli owner of Philippos Hellenic goods

Give excellence in each step to satisfy the growing need for quality food, in line with «εὖ ζῆν», the ancient Greek concept of live well.
— Philippe Poli, Founder

Philippos Hellenic Goods

A true olive oil connoisseur, Philippe wanted to bring to life the ancient Greek concept of “εΰ ζην”, live well, and thus, in 2013, founded Philippos Hellenic Goods. The company’s home would be on Aegina, an island he had come to love dearly, rather than in the hustle and bustle of Athens. Philippe chose to focus on delivering high-quality Greek natural products by paying special attention to an expert selection of the primary materials and carefully supervising production in state-of-the-art facilities that he built on the island. As preparation for this new endeavor, Philippe had spent over a decade honing his knowledge of olives and oil, becoming a true connoisseur of the best Greece has to offer in this centuries-old tradition. 

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