Traveling to Greece: Dimitsana, Arkadia's popular winter destination

Zelos Greek Artisan places to visit in Greece, Dimitsana Arcadia

Dimitsána is one of the most popular Greek winter destinations, along with the nearby Stemnitsa and Vytina, in the heart of Arcadia. The village is built like an amphitheater overlooking the Lousios River & valley and the plains of Megalopoli.

The village is surrounded by snow-covered mountaintops and lush pine forests. Some of its most famous sights are the six remaining legendary Gunpowder Mills that used to produce gunpowder for the Greek War of Independence (celebrated this Friday!), the traditional homes of the heroes of that war, the Philosophou and Timiou Prodromou Monasteries; and the archaeological site of Gortyna.

But the best thing to do? Just relax and unwind! Eat traditional Greek food at a local taverna, curl up by a fireplace with a cup of mountain tea, take a walk in the village and enjoy its lush nature...who needs anything more?!

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