Traveling to Greece: Hydra, a car-free paradise!

Best tips to travel to Hydra, Greece from Zelos Greek Artisan

Catch a ferry from Piraeus and be on this beautiful, tiny, car-free island in 1.5 hours! Enjoy a fresh omelet and a Greek coffee or fragrant herbal tea by the sea for breakfast and then spend the rest of the day at the beach. Swim in Hydroneta (my preferred beach!) or Spilia that are close to the city, or walk about half an hour to go to Vlichos. You'll be walking a lot...there are no cars!

Best tips to travel to Hydra, Greece from Zelos Greek Artisan

Many of you know how much I love art (I even edited an art book!), so I especially appreciate that the DESTE Foundation has been able to turn the island's old slaughterhouse into a vibrant ProjectSpace, bringing every summer amazing art from all over the world.  Hydra's ship owners and captains were very important during the Greek War of Independence and there are several small museums that tell their history.

Two fun facts about Hydra...

  1. Musician Leonard Cohen lived there, as well as many other famous artists.
  2. Sophia Loren's 1957 classic film, Boy on a Dolphin, was filmed in this beautiful Greek island.
Best tips to travel to Hydra, Greece from Zelos Greek Artisan

Don't forget to bring back to the US tons of amygdalotá, Hydra's traditional pear-shaped semolina-almond cookies with rose water...and lots of powdered sugar!

No plans to go to Hydra any time soon? Don't worry, we'll deliver to your door plenty of  authentic Greek goodies to tide you over until you can experience Greece in person!

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