Tips for a Mother's Day Love Brunch

April 30, 2019

Mother's Day Brunch tips and ideas

One of my favorite meals, and something that I came to love and appreciate even more since I moved to the US, is brunch!  When I left Europe fifteen years ago, we weren't brunching much (although now it's become just as popular), so it was a new thing to me when I moved to Cincinnati. I very quickly came to love and appreciate it for so many reasons. For starters, it is a food-related activity, so this is a natural plus for me. It is also a relaxed activity, it is not a rushed meal with the clock ticking in your head and your next appointment in mind. We usually have brunch (at least in my family) on more leisurely days, which makes it even more fun and happy. On a more personal level, it combines very contrasting tastes, which is something I love and which guides me in all my culinary choices....if you ever wondered why I brought marm'elia to the US, or why I am pairing all my cheeses with wine jellies, or serving my fish with peas and mint, now you know! 

So if you want to wow your mom with something different on Mother's Day, try a few ideas that we put together here at Zelos, for a loving brunch with the person that always loves you.  Happy Mother's Day to all our moms!

It wouldn't be a Mother's Day brunch if I didn't use my own mother's spanakopita with homemade dough. It has been a staple of love towards me and my family from my mom from many years. Since I left my home country there wasn't one visit back to my parents home without a fresh spanakopita waiting for us warm just off the oven. I seriously propose that you will give it a try and then start enjoying it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It wouldn't be a brunch without pancakes. Think outside the box and top your pancakes with one of our spoon sweets or marmalades for a Greek island experience. Or follow Pan-dora's advice for Greek style pancakes with Citrus' orange slices with cinnamon and some protein-rich tahini for a guilt free version.

It wouldn't be a festive brunch if smoked salmon weren't involved. This time substitute your capers for a lighter version of saltiness using our organic sea fennel. Not only is it healthy and tasty, it will certainly become a conversation starter. There are many articles on line talking about the many benefits of this magical small plant.

Show some love with baked eggs using Elli & Manos's tomato and feta Greek flavor bursts. We love these eggs, they are easy to make, and they are so tasty with the feta twist in them. Moreover, you can shape them anyway you want, including in hearts for an even better presentation. 

Clafoutis Greek style! Do you know the French desert clafoutis? Well this is a modern Greek adaptation to a savory kind using the truly fire roasted Tragano Greek Organics Capia peppers and Kalamata olives, we cal it Clafoutis Greek style and it tastes Greek sunshine!

Finish it all off with a simple panna cotta topped with Citrus Chian tangerine spoon sweet or the exquisite 4 Citrus spoon sweet or a simple lemon peel spoon sweet, succulent!

Need cocktail ideas? We have you covered too

Our friend Dina, a food blogger from Little Rock Aransas came up with a Chian tangerine champagne cocktail that screams celebration and toasting! 

Or you can use Onassis' cocktail in memory and honor of his grand-mother who always served Greek mountain tea to him while he was visiting her as a College student. Read how this loving memory made him create a cocktail and take Greek Mountain tea to a whole new level.

We hope our tips will help you plan an amazing celebration and we certainly hope you will tag your photos with #zelosgreekartisan if you are using any of our ideas. Happy Mother's Day!




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