The Elli & Manos All-Natural Spreads Set

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The Elli & Manos line of all-natural, small batch, healthy products gives you an intense burst of authentic Greek flavor, without any preservatives or additives. There’s no “hint of” in these jars - from the moment you twist open the lid, you’ll know exactly what you’ve bought!  Elli & Manos offer the time-pressed cook gourmet flavor combinations that have the versatility to take any dish to the next level. This curated combo makes a delicious, unique gift, too! It comes gift-wrapped in a stylish white, beribboned box that is shipped within our standard craft box together with information cards and the stories of our Artisans.

The set includes:

Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts Tomato and Sweet Red Wine - tomatoes and Mavrodafni dessert wine blend for an especially fragrant sauce. Enjoy the spreadable texture on ribs, pizza, bruschetta, as a tapenade or a rich dip. Add a bit of olive oil and cooking water for a rich pasta sauce or try enhancing your crock-pot preparations, beef stew or meatballs with this delicious flavor.

Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts Spinach and Feta - a perfectly balanced mix of spinach and authentic feta cheese from sheep and goat milk. Tangy lemon gives an added zest and there is no added water.Use it as an alternative base for your pizza, bruschetta or sandwich wrap. Makes a fresh dip for crackers and veggies. Bake it with your favorite dough for a warm spanakopita type of appetizer and top mashed, boiled and baked potatoes!

Elli & Manos Raisins and Cinnamon Gourmet Spread - made with sun-kissed raisins, the much-loved spice of Greek cuisine, cinnamon, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. We love this on cheese & charcuterie plates, straight on breakfast toast & bagels, and as an accompaniment to roast meats. It makes for an especially nice glaze for roasted chicken.

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At the heart of Elli & Manos is the creativity & drive of owner Elli Nikolaou, whose belief in the intense, all-natural flavors of Greece had us sold from the start of our Zelos journey. We applaud her for going outside her comfort zone to change careers and pursue her entrepreneurial culinary dream against all odds.

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