The Sparoza Sampler

Sparoza’s fragrant smells and eye-catching design is a potent combination. For the creative cook, Sparoza offers uniquely handcrafted herb and spice blends that boldly enhance any dish.

The Sampler includes full sizes of:

Sparoza Aurora Handcrafted Loose Leaf Greek Mountain Tea  -  organic traditional Greek mountain herbal tea is mixed with an array of wonderfully beneficial herbs and homemade citrus peel for an energizing and toning infusion.

Sparoza Avaris Handcrafted Loose Leaf Greek Herbal Tea -  a wise selection of organic herbs, flowers, and roots, with no caffeine, so you can enjoy it day and night. Opening the sachet and pouring it into the beautifully designed tin, you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a fragrant herb garden!

Sparoza 15 Greek Herbs & Seeds Handcrafted Cooking Blend - this handcrafted concentrated seasoning is a unique blend of herbs and seeds goes beyond the usual thyme and oregano to add  a special touch of Greece to salads, dressings, meatballs, burgers, even straight on a slice of good crusty bread topped with extra virgin olive oil.

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The Zelos Promise

Zelos Greek Artisan Promise

Why Sparoza

We chose SPAROZA for their fragrant smells and eye-catching design, a potent combination. We also admire their commitment to keeping their small business in the center of Athens. 

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