Citrus Handmade Peach Marmalade with Watermelon & Bitter Almond Flavor

The flavors and fragrances of a Greek summer come to life with this handmade peach marmalade blended with refreshing watermelon juice and a hint of natural bitter almond flavoring. Citrus Scent of Memory have come up with this unique combination that reminds us of fresh summer peaches, ripe watermelons, and Greek island almond desserts. This marmalade makes for a delicious addition to your breakfast and everyday desserts. Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, nor artificial colorants.

We love this Peach & Watermelon Marmalade on our morning toast, croissants, crepes and pancakes. Mix it into chia pudding, oatmeal and yogurt to bring a touch of Greek summer to your mornings all year long. The touch of natural bitter almond extract makes it especially nice in desserts - try jazzing up a store-bought cheesecake, top a flan or panna cotta, or spread it in between your own cake layers. Give a gourmet touch to your usual PB&J, it pairs well with peanut butter!

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Ingredients: sugar, peach (45%), watermelon juice (25%), lemon juice, bitter almond flavoring (0,03%).

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Why Citrus

We chose Citrus for the way they have exalted the rare variety of Chian Mandarin, a PGI product, and for the passion they bring to all of their exclusive small-batch products. We love that we can help the team bring the rich history of the Greek island of Chios into a more contemporary, dynamic present here in the States.

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