Mom's Greek Seasoning Spice Mix from Sparoza


Like any good Greek Mom, we've got a special Greek seasoning spice mix that puts a lot of heart into any dish you make. The Greek Mom's Hearty Mix, one of Sparoza’s whimsically-designed “Greek Cuisine Classics”, is a special blend of herbs and spices that can be your own signature spice in any dish, sweet or savory. The conveniently stackable tub contains a uniquely handcrafted mix of herbs and spices that releases authentically Greek flavors and fragrances into soups, casseroles, tarts, roasted veggies...even baked apples and pumpkin! Importantly, there are no preservatives, additives, artificial flavors nor colorants. The pack is made from recycled carton for a sustainable, all-natural gift for any cook.


We sprinkle this on soups, casseroles, tarts, roasted veggies...even baked apples and pumpkin! Try it in your own homemade sauces and dishes.


Allspice, garlic, lemon verbena, marjoram, orange zest, peppercorns, sage, savory, sea salt, thyme.

STORAGE: store in a cool & dry place.


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