Soup Night Meal Kit

Don’t think this means you have to wait hours for a tasty, heartwarming soup, not with these small-batch Greek gems!  Our grandmothers knew what they were doing when they would make up plenty of trahana pasta to get them through the winter.  It cooks up in minutes for the ultimate Greek comfort food. Mix in one of our condiments for an extra burst of flavor and heat!

Agrozimi Handmade Sour Trahana - traditional Greek pasta made with the finest soft wheat flour and yogurt from cultured, pasteurized, whole milk. The dough is naturally dried and then passed through a sieve by hand, giving it a distinctive texture and flavor. Fast-cooking, trahaná can be eaten as a simple soup with a pat of butter and  freshly ground pepper, or stir in a dollop of yogurt for even more tang. Mix it with Elli & Manos’ Flaming Red Pepper for some spice or prepare trahanóto, aka Greek risotto, for a more contemporary take on this classic.

Sparoza Handcrafted Cooking Blend with Spices and Orange Zest - made with homemade orange zest, this sweetly spicy concentrated mix adds a touch of Anatolian warmth to trahana, lentil & chickpea soups.  It’s wonderful blended in with tomato-based stews and sauces, makes a great gyros spice with your favorite meat, or a flavorful rub or barbecue sauce when blended with olive oil and salt. Sprinkle some in your crockpot for an extra Greek touch to any meals!

Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts - Flaming Red Pepper - a spicy mix of Florina red peppers, chili, and sun-dried tomatoes, with no added water, this will add a kick to your traditional trahana soup. Add a spoonful to your morning eggs or brush on to grilled meats - this all-natural spread is a must have in your pantry!

Meal kits come with a letter describing the products and recipe...just in case someone likes to cook!

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