Meet the Kanakis Family

The Kanakis family has been growing olives and producing extra virgin olive oil for decades. Using their own olive press, they process their olives on the same day they are picked. In this way, their olive oil preserves a low acidity, impressive aroma, and superior quality. Thanassis took over from his father, Elias, just three years ago.  Theirs is a small operation, employing four permanent employees and more temporary workers during the peak of the harvest season. The farm has always been organic, a point of pride for the Kanakis family. “It’s the right way of cultivation, because of the efficiency and the high quality of the product”, Thanassis says. Even though he’s a small farmer in a small country, Thanassis Kanakis understands the global appeal of the organic Mediterranean diet. “In today’s fast-changing world, the target is a turn to quality in the Mediterranean diet,” he says. "As a result, the role of organic farming is fundamental.” The Kanakis farm is in Papoulia, Messinia, in the Peloponnese. Find it on a map.