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Dessert Ideas: Sweet Greek Summer Topping Set

Let the sweet Greek summer inspire your dessert ideas with our trio of all-natural toppings. A handmade peach watermelon marmalade with a hint of bitter almond, whole golden Sultana grapes and that childhood favorite, pitted sour cherries (víssino), each floating in an all-natural syrup. Forget artificial sweeteners and top your ice-cream or yogurt with these authentic Greek flavors. You’ll love them on overnight chia and oatmeal, too, not to mention to brighten up all kinds of desserts and cakes.

This curated combo makes a delicious gourmet gift, too, with free gift-wrapping. We pack it in a stylish white, beribboned box with recipes and the stories of our Artisans, all shipped within our standard craft box.


Handmade Peach Marmalade with Watermelon & Bitter Almond Flavor from Citrus - the flavors and fragrances of a Greek summer come to life with this handmade peach marmalade blended with refreshing watermelon juice and a hint of natural bitter almond flavoring.

Handmade Grape Spoon Sweet (Stafyli) from Citrus - This traditional dessert is handmade with whole seedless white Sultana grapes floating in an all-natural syrup of sugar, lemon juice and water.

Handmade Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet (Vyssino) from Citrus - Whole, pitted cherries are preserved, not candiied, floating in an all-natural syrup of sugar and water - no preservatives or additives at all, just simple island sweetness.


This curated combo includes FREE gift-wrapping.


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