NEW! Rosy Dawn - Aurora Mountain Herbal Tea & Rose Petal Spoon Sweet

Inspired by the rosy-fingered goddess of dawn, Aurora blends authentic Greek mountain tea with beneficial herbs and handmade citrus peel. Pair it with this limited edition Rose Petal Spoon Sweet for a fragrant delight for your senses.

Your package will include:

Sparoza Aurora Handcrafted Loose Leaf Greek Mountain Tea  - organic traditional Greek mountain herbal tea is mixed with an array of wonderfully beneficial herbs and homemade citrus peel for a refreshing infusion...perfect after a nice meal!

Citrus Handmade Rose Petal Spoon Sweet - handmade only once a year, in June, with rose petals from the Greek Magiatiko variety growing on the Greek island of Chios. The petals are picked in the early morning, before the summer heat strikes, and delicately cleaned before quickly preserving in a simple all-natural syrup of sugar, water, and lemon juice.

Looking for a different combo?

Pair your own favorites and use discount code LOVE at checkout for a 10% discount - just choose your favorite Sparoza tea (including refills!) and any Citrus treat or Tragano Greek Organics Cretan Honey for your Valentine’s Day treat ❤️

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