The Agrozimi Sampler

Agrozimi marries their love of tradition with experiments in contemporary flavors and techniques. For the discerning pasta lover, Agrozimi offers products that recapture forgotten traditional ways, yet still fit with our healthy modern lifestyles.

Agrozimi Handmade Sour Trahana - the ultimate Greek comfort food! Enjoy in a simple soup with a pat of butter and  freshly ground pepper, or stir in a dollop of yogurt for even more tang. Mix it with Elli & Manos’ Flaming Red Pepper for some spice or prepare trahanóto, aka Greek risotto, for a more contemporary take on this classic.

Agrozimi Egg and Milk Hilopites - made with freshly pasteurized eggs and milk, not powdered!  We love hilopítes served on a platter, mixed with fresh veggies and sautéed shrimp - a wonderful light family meal. Or eat them the traditional way with melted butter and grated cheese, simple but delicious.

Agrozimi Egg and Milk Orzo - this pasta, called kritharaki in Greek, is in every Greek pantry because its rich egg and milk flavor make for the ideal quick and hearty meal (they’re made with freshly pasteurized eggs and milk, not powdered!).  Whether in a soup or our Greek Orzo Salad, we love kritharáki as a more robust alternative to rice with a bit more bite.

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Why Agrozimi

We chose Agrozimi for their love of tradition, while still experimenting with flavors and techniques.  We were especially impressed with their conscientiousness and commitment to quality, evidenced throughout their spotless production facility.

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