The Citrus Sampler



Citrus Scent of Memory  develops small-batch, hand-made products from the unique citrus fruits brought by the Venetians centuries ago to the Greek island of Chios. These rare treats give any foodie with a sweet tooth a zestful view into the unique heritage of Chios.

Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade - a refreshing touch on your morning toast, croissants, oatmeal, and yogurt. Its tangy flavor makes it an especially unique topping for desserts or in between layered cakes…even in a PB&J! Try it instead of the usual quince jam with your aged cheese and fine wine.

Citrus Four Citrus Fruits Spoon Sweet - pieces of peel from Chios’ orange, bitter orange, grapefruit and lemon fruits float in a simple syrup of sugar, water and lemon juice. We love this as a topping for cheesecake, flan, panna cotta, yogurt parfaits, ice cream sundaes, or dip a spoonful into your prosecco!

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Zelos Greek Artisan Promise

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