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Meet Australian Cookbook Author, Ruth Bardis

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Zelos Greek Artisan Interview - Ruth Bardis, Australian Cookbook Author

Our series of interviews with Greek Women in Business moves to Australia! We met award-winning cookbook author, Ruth Bardis, while admiring her work online. She's a successful food stylist, publisher, and photographer, passionate about all things Greek food, so of course, we had to meet her.  

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I'm an author and photographer who has written three cookbooks which have won international awards. I feel privileged to have been able to combine skills I acquired through fashion designing, switching to designing beautiful cookbooks. My expression through writing and my creative flare through photography has helped me capture the beauty of Greece, while also sharing my love of Greek food and its culture. My books are designed in such a way to entice one to delve into cooking Greek, but to also be enjoyed as a book to read and peruse with the countless stories and pictures of Greece.

Hellenic Kanella cookbook by Greek-Australian author Ruth Bardis


Where in Greece is your family from and how did that inspire your passion for Greek cooking?

I was born in Australia to Greek parents. My father comes from the beautiful Island of Kefalonia and my mother from a village in the Peloponnese. Though I was born in Australia, my parents deliberately ensured that as a family we held onto our heritage, language, and culture. When it came to Greek food and the preservation of traditional meals, my mother did an exceptional job in patiently and lovingly teaching me the foundations of Greek cooking. She exemplified hospitality and instilled in me a love for Greek food from a very young age. On the other hand, my father enforced the importance of eating the Mediterranean way, insisting on its health benefits.

ruth bardis greek cookbook author in australia

In addition, my passion for acquiring additional cooking knowledge and documenting recipes intensified immensely after meeting Athanasios (who would also become my husband) in my late teens. Born and raised in Greece, his family migrated to Australia in the late eighties. I loved the fact that they scarcely spoke any English and that everything they ate was traditional Greek food. I was intrigued that his mother cooked so differently to mine, even though the names of dishes were the same, and they had family traditions that differed to my family’s. It was then that I decided to further my knowledge of recipes from other regions in Greece and learn new skills and ways of cooking traditional foods. As a result, I was keen to share my findings through publishing cookbooks enabling others to know, and to learn, to pass on and to enjoy. I wanted to make accessible a means of preserving and passing on recipes that are slowly dissipating from our tables. A keepsake for those wanting to learn to cook Greek or for those of us like me, who live far from our mother land but still have an intense desire to keep our food traditions alive.

chicken soup with trahana

A must try: Chicken Soup with Handmade Sour Trahana 


What kind of feedback on your books have you received?

My books have been extremely well received both here in Australia and around the world. I remember being quite nervous on the publication of my first book, as I had no idea how people would respond to an author they had not known. My nervousness proved to be in vain quickly as books started to sell out. The incredible feedback onHellenic Kanella: Memories Made in A Greek Kitchenwas the push for me to keep writing. Now having written three books, all of which have won awards, I can confidently say readers are enjoying my content and loving the final products.

hellenickanella simplymoregreek beyondthegreeksalad cookbooks

Find Ruth's Cookbooks online on Amazon: 


Can you share your Top 10 Greek recipes?!

Listing my top 10 recipes is a hard task as I enjoy eating all Greek foodsand don’t typically havefavorites. However, I do find myself selecting foods that either evoke an emotion of a period, nostalgia in association with a person or a choice of a new recipe I have discovered through my research and writing.

Here are my favorites, in no special order

  • Rabbit Stew– Λαγός/Κουνέλι Στιφάδο
  • Cinnamon Chicken with lemon potatoes-Κοτόπουλο Γιαχνί
  • Flatbreads (stuffed with feta cheese) -Ποντιακά Πισία
  • Beef stew with quince, petimezi and rosemary – Σοφιγαδο (κυδώνι με κρέας)
  • Stuffed sardines wrapped in vie leaves– Γεμιστές σαρδέλες σε αμπελόφυλλα
  • Pumpkin Cheese pie with village pastry -Κολοκυθοτυρόπιτα με χωριάτικο φύλλο
  • Spicy cheese Dip– Τυροκαυτερή
  • Spiced walnut cake with vanilla custard– Σπάτουλα Καλαμπάκας καρυδόπιτα με κρέμα
  • Grape must pudding – Μουσταλευριά
  • Honey cheesecake from Sifnos – Μελόπιτα Σίφνου

 Give Ruth's recipes a try and enjoy discovering a new side of Greek cuisine with her cookbooks. We'll definitely try her Spinach Pie with Cheese!

spinach pie with cheese spanakotiropita

Spinach-Cheese Pie aka Spanakotiropita(you'll find the recipe in her cookbooks). 

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