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Why we chose Oleosophia

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The process, the aromas, and the flavor of what she tasted were out of this world and completely different from what she knew as a city consumer in Athens. She instantly fell in love with it all and started studying more and more about olive oil – its nature, its chemistry, its personalities – and that was it for her! She decided to build their brand, become an olive oil sommelier, and grow a community of flavors, aromas, gastronomy, and quality, leaving her office work in the past and changing her life completely. Since that day, she has been enjoying every part of the journey, welcoming the challenges, and growing with OLEOSOPHIA as well.

Their unique EVOO, made with early harvest Manaki olives, is the best choice for olive oil enthusiasts looking for a limited-edition, hand-picked product. Additionally, if you have a sweet tooth you have to try their petimezi (grape must syrup)and feel the goodness of healthy sugar substitutes like grape must syrup and elevate your Greek recipes! Read more about Oleosophia on our blog.

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