Why we chose Tragano Greek Organics

We carefully select our Artisans based on a strict set of criteria and the belief that they share our own philosophy and values. We chose Tragano because the superior flavor and quality of their classic Greek staples are built upon a three-generation legacy of relationships with local farmers. Isn't it reassuring that, in today’s industrialized world, you can get to personally know the people who farmed your food?!
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I relish working with farmers. There is a pleasure in knowing that you did the right thing, that you found the best producer in the area.

—Nikos Kostopoulos, Operations Manager

Meet some of Tragano's farmers

Meet Denis Mikelatos

Denis Mikelatos has been growing the prized Kalamon olive on his family’s farm since 1972. He was certified as an organic grower in 2010. Why make such a change? “We want to produce agricultural products without any chemical contamination", Mikelatos says. "The conversion has required a shift in emphasis away from quantity and toward quality", he says.“The main problem is dealing with the low quantities of the olives during cultivation,” Mikelatos notes. “People often confuse growing more crops with making more food available to the world. They’re not the same thing. Organic products offer more nutrients and vitamins to food.” Denis Mikelatos's farm is in Astakos, County of Aitoloakarnania. Find this beautiful corner of Greece on a map.

Meet Stathis Xenos

Stathis Xenos, a farmer since 1985, converted to organic agriculture in 2016. He produces Capia sweet red peppers, and finds that plants that are cultivated and grown organically “contain less water and more nutrients and vitamins.” Stathis says he’s proud of his conversion to organic farming and sees a potential economic payback for his farm, which employs about 15 people. “The physical methods used for organic farming do not pollute the water resources and do not kill the beneficial insects,” he notes. “The market for organic products in Greece will have prospects if there is an increase in the supply at a reasonable price, as well as of point of sales.” Stathis Xenos's farm is in Skourochori, Ilia. Find his farm on a map.

Meet Theodoros Skylakakis

Novel Tradition Foods PC is an Athens-based company, founded in 2015 by Theodoros Skylakakis. Novel Tradition specializes in the production and marketing of sea fennel, which, until recently, was found only in the wild, along rocky coastlines.  The Skylakakis family have their own farm in the province of Ilia, in the Peloponnese, and also buy sea fennel from Christos Karapanos, a company partner whose farm on the island of Zakynthos was certified organic in 2016. "Our intention, says Theodoros, is to turn sea fennel from a forgotten local specialty to a rediscovered heritage super food in the Greek and international markets."  Novel Tradition Foods sees its effort to bring an ancient health food to new markets as part of agriculture’s proper future -- increasing the productivity of the land and the health of consumers, without damaging the environment.  The Skylakakis family farm is in Agia Marina, Ilia. Find it on a mapChristos Karapanos's farm is in Kalamaki, Zakinthos. Find it on a map.

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