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Why we chose Tragano Greek Organics

Tragano Greek Organics is part of a family-run company with a long experience in traditional Greek food and a deep commitment to the local community. Nikos Kostopoulos founded his company in 1929 and the Tragano brand is named after his rural Peloponnese village in western Greece where the company is located. The region of Tragano (which also means “crispy” in English!) is famous in Greece for its high-quality produce and fertile land.

Tragano grew over the years from its initial specialization in pickled vegetables to also become a major producer of olives, olive oil, and sauces.  Now in the third generation of family entrepreneurship, Tragano takes pride in the outstanding quality of their products and of the exceptional people working with them. They have developed long-lasting relationships with organic farmers from the community, allowing them to work with the shortest possible distance and time from harvest to processing to packaging.  That makes their products of the highest possible quality and always traceable to the source. 

Zelos is proud to bring you not just Tragano Greek Organics, but the special farmers that farm our food - enjoy!

Tragano has been certified by the Food Safety Mondernization Act (FSMA), BRC Global Standards, International Featured Standards (IFS), BSCI, USDA-organic, non-GMO project and ISO 22000 as meeting international food safety management standards. It is also Kosher certified.

I relish working with farmers. There is a pleasure in knowing that you did the right thing, that you found the best producer in the area.

—Nikos Kostopoulos, Operations Manager

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