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Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan was created in 2017 by Maria Kalomenidou, a Greek visual designer and art enthusiast living in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Maria wanted to share with others her zēlos (“zeal”) for healthy and tasty Greek food and to give back to the land of her birth by helping authentic Greek artisans find their American audience. In her more than thirty years abroad, good food has always been for Maria a way of living a happy and healthy life, of offering love, of nurturing strong ties with family and friends.  With Zelos she shares her desire to showcase the flavors and drive that are modern Greece.

Meet the Zelos Team

Pauline Manos, Business & Brand Strategy

I’m Pauline, baptized Panagiota, but if you’re Greek-American like me, you know how that goes! I call myself Maria's sidekick, since I’ve been with her from the start of this Zelos adventure. We have our best meetings in Greece, where I visit often from my base in Brussels, Belgium, where I work as a marketing consultant. Things I love: going “home” to the States to visit family & friends, reading anything & everything,  My fave Zelos product: Agrozimi's orzo-kritharaki, I just love the texture. Fave Zelos recipe: my friend Juan's Greek-Colombian fusion soup that made me see minestrone in a whole new light!

The Agrozimi Orzo

Marianna Tsourapa, MARKETING

Hi, I'm Marianna and I joined the Zelos team in January 2024 for all things Marketing and Communications. I am originally from Athens, grew up in Switzerland and spent the last years travelling while working as as brand and marketing consultant. I love summers spent in Greece, discovering the best places to eat all around the country and capturing everything in between. My favorite product from Zelos definetely is Mandarin Peel Spoon Sweet by Citrus Chios:) 

Mandarin Peel Spoon Sweet
Alicia Martin, Zelos Warehouse & Operations Director

Alicia Martin, Warehouse & Operations

Hi, I’m Alicia and I joined the Zelos team in 2020 as the Warehouse Manager. I was born & raised on a farm in California, Kentucky, not far from Cincinnati, and love horses & horseback riding. I’m not Greek but my family owns the first ever “Cincinnati Chili” restaurant, which has Greek roots (more on that in our blog!), and I pack and ship out all our Zelos treats from our warehouse. I've grown fond of Greek cuisine and my favorite Zelos product is Sparoza's Greek Granny Tzatziki Mix - dipping any fresh vegetable in it leaves me feeling refreshed!

The Tzatziki Mix
Jean Fleming, Zelos SEO & Content Director

Jean Fleming, SEO & content

I’m Jean and I help Zelos with content strategy from my home in Mani, on the Peloponnese. While I wasn't not lucky enough to be born in Greece, I'm grateful to have corrected that flaw, and love living in an olive grove that looks over the Mediterranean. Introducing artisanal - and amazing - Greek food to discerning food lovers definitely sparks joy for me. 

The Zelos Greek Artisan Philosophy

The Zelos Promise