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Why we chose Kumilio

Kumilio Kimi Fig Products

The Lambrou family created their Kumilio fig company in 2015, daring to start a new business as Greece was coming out of its economic crisis. Costas Lambrou was born and raised in the Kimi region of Evia island that is famous for its unique figs and was inspired by the special terroir of what’s often called “the balcony of the Aegean”. The Kimi fig has a thinner skin than other Mediterranean figs, and the Lambrou family held on to traditional techniques to handcraft a selection of healthy snacks & fig desserts. They use no additives, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavors, giving us Greek fig products that are a testament to their love of their homeland. Today they cultivate nearly 1000 fig trees in the village of Kadi, where they also have a small production facility. Read more about them on our blog.

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