We know that you care for the social impact of your choices and we do, too. This is why we made a conscious choice to work with a few select Artisans and help them in a long-term, meaningful way. Rest assured that when you buy one of our Artisans' products, you support a small business with big dreams. Our small producers work in a very challenging economic environment, yet make it a point of pride to produce a truly premium, small-batch, all-natural product. Scroll down to find out how we choose them and why we are so proud of them.

How we choose our artisans

Why we chose Agrozimi

We chose Agrozimi for brothers Kostas and Yiorgos Martavaltzoglou’s love of tradition, while still daring to experiment with flavors and techniques. We were also impressed by their state-of-the-art facility and commitment to high-quality product standards, all that show in their exceptional pasta. Meet Agrozimi...

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Why we chose Citrus

We chose Citrus for the way they have exalted the rare variety of Chian Mandarin, a PGI product, and for the passion they bring to all of their exclusive small-batch products. We love that we can help the team bring the rich history of the Greek island of Chios into a more contemporary, dynamic present here in the States. Meet Citrus...

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Why we chose Elli & Manos

At the heart of Elli & Manos is the creativity & drive of owner Elli Nikolaou, whose belief in the intense, all-natural flavors of Greece had us sold from the start of our Zelos journey. We applaud her for going outside her comfort zone to change careers and pursue her entrepreneurial culinary dream against all odds. Meet Elli & Manos...

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Why we chose Philippos Hellenic Goods

We were impressed that founder Philippe Poli could bring the best of his Italian-Swiss-Greek heritage to create such a striking and flavorful premium olive oil. A true olive oil connoisseur, Philippe has invested in top quality assurance and classic aesthetic design to create an exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil that we knew we had to have. Meet Philippos...

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Why we chose Sparoza

We chose Sparoza for the potent combination of fragrant, handcrafted blends and eye-catching design that characterize all their products. We also admire founder Efi Ekmetzoglou’s commitment to keeping her small business in the center of Athens during such challenging social and economic times. Meet Sparoza...

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Why we chose Tragano Greek Organics

We chose Tragano because the superior flavor and quality of their classic Greek staples are built upon a three-generation legacy of relationships with local farmers. Isn't it reassuring that, in today’s industrialized world, you can get to personally know the people who farmed your food?! Meet Tragano

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