We know that you care for the social impact of your choices and we do, too. This is why we made a conscious choice to work with a few select Artisans and help them in a long-term, meaningful way. Rest assured that when you buy one of our Artisans' products, you support a small business with big dreams. Our small producers work in a very challenging economic environment, yet make it a point of pride to produce a truly premium, small-batch, all-natural product. Scroll down to find out how we choose them and why we are so proud of them.

Agrozimi traditional Greek pasta


For the discerning pasta lover, Agrozimi offers products that recapture forgotten traditional ways with experimental new flavors.


Citrus Chios handmade Greek desserts preserves and jams

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For foodies with a sweet tooth, Citrus Scent of Memory offers a zestful view into the unique heritage of the Greek island of Chios.


Elli & Manos Greek Flavor Bursts, all natural spreads and dips

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For the time-pressed cook, Elli & Manos offer intense, true flavors with a versatility to take your cooking to another level.

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Philippos Hellenic Goods organic extra virgin olive oil

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For the aesthetic foodie, Philippos Hellenic Goods offers an exceptional organic olive oil that is beautiful in both its flavor and design.

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Sparoza handcrafted all natural herbs spices and teas

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For the creative cook, Sparoza offers uniquely handcrafted teas and herb & spice blends that boldly enhance any dish.

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Tragano Greek Organics organic greek classic food products olives roasted peppers extra virgin olive oil

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For the conscientious food lover, Tragano Greek Organics offers family-farmed, healthy, and authentically Mediterranean flavors.

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How we choose our artisans

Greek gourmet oatmeal banana cookies with Chian tangerine
Irini's easy oatmeal banana cookies

Give a Citrus twist to easy oatmeal banana cookies!

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Traditional Greek walnut cake aka karydopita
How to make Greek "karydópita" walnut cake

Try this classic dessert for the holidays!

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Roasted Greek Kota chicken with potatoes from Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan
Roasted chicken & potatoes with Greek herbs & lemon zest

A childhood fave gets an update.

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