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At Zelos, our aspiration has always been to create a platform where these carefully selected Greek Artisans can become the protagonists of their own stories. Their work allows us to experience the authentic tastes of modern Greece from afar. 

We chose to support small-batch Artisans who met three criteria:   

  • They must have an authentic product of outstanding quality.  
  • They must honor their craft with zēlos, the Greek word for great energy and enthusiasm.
  • They must have a commitment to their local community.

We work zealously with our Artisans to bring their products to the US and assist them in any way we can, be it regulatory, design, branding strategy or marketing. Most of all we enjoy lending them a hand to tell their compelling stories.

We are proud of all our Artisans. They represent the best this small, fascinating country called Greece has to offer. 

The best greek artisans

Tzatzíki - Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Tzatzíki - Cucumber Yogurt Dip

1 min read

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greek bread and kalamata olives

Lagana, a Greek flatbread for Lent

2 min read

Enjoy with olive oil, dips & Kalamata olives
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Citrus Chios handmade rose petal spoon sweet preserve from Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan

Homemade tarts with rose petal preserve

2 min read

Roses make this classic tea-time treat special

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