We carefully select our Artisans based on a strict set of criteria and the belief that they share our own philosophy and values. We chose Citrus for the way they have exalted the rare variety of Chian Mandarin, a PGI product, and for the passion they bring to all of their exclusive small-batch products. We love that we can help the team bring the rich history of the Greek island of Chios into a more contemporary, dynamic present here in the States. You can shop their collection here.


What the judges say

"A delicious and sweet blend of peels, each with the distinct flavors still intact behind the syrup and with a pleasant, fudgy texture"

Citrus Handmade Four Citrus Fruits spoon sweet

"Glossy, rich and juicy! Bright, honest, intense, highly perfumed tangerine flavors with the notes from the fless, pips and peel."

Citrus Handmade Chian Tangerine marmalade

At Citrus we're a close team, working together to bring the traditions of the past to today's world.

— Irene Sassou, Citrus Sales Department

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