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Sparoza's handcrafted cooking blend is a unique mix of ten fragrant spices and Sparoza's signature homemade orange zest. Try a spoonful in your crockpot favorites, winter soups, or blended with olive oil and salt for a flavorful rub (or dip for your bread!). The concentrated flavors go a long way to warm up all your winter meals!

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What people say

Everything about the experience was outstanding. Ordering was easy, the package arrived quickly and the product was delightfully packaged, product itself very high quality. Will definitely buy other things from Zelos.

Leonora for Tragano Greek Organics EVOO

Loved the Peas & Mint burst. Our guests loved it with crackers as a appetizer with a glass or white wine. The peas provide a pleasant structure and the mint brings a refreshing touch of surprise. The (little!!) left-over was delicious with pasta for dinner the next day.

Marie-Laure for Elli & Manos Peas and Mint

This sauce is a hit in our house. We have used it as a sauce for pasta, in chicken piccata, for lasagna, even for pizza. The flavors are so amazing. One may think tomato and garlic to be a basic sauce but this one is top class. You can really taste the sun-ripen tomatoes and the flavor of garlic without it being pungent. I highly recommend it if you want to elevate your ‘simple’ dish with amazing flavors.

Lo for Elli & Manos Tomato and Garlic

My box arrived just as a friend was visiting, so we opened the Citrus Chian Tangerine Peel Spoon Sweet and had some together with our coffee. My friend is a pastry chef and she immediately had several ideas on how I could use the rest of the jar. It was very delicious just from the spoon, though! A mouthful of warm sunshine - no bitterness.

T Borchert for Citrus Chian Tangerine Peel Spoon Sweet

My family loves pasta dishes and I grew up with pasta as one of our staple meals. I have tried several Italian brands, but nothing prepared me for these delicious petouras. I mixed the petouras with my coq ou vin (chicken cut in small pieces with the red wine sauce, crushed tomatoes, onion, garlic, and mushrooms. They cooked in about 13 minutes and even though they are quite wide, they stayed firm and separated very easily, yet, they held onto the sauce beautifully. Highly recommended.

Venia for Agromi Vegetable and Squid Ink Petoura

I bought this to serve at our family Christmas dinner. It was a lovely addition and it really made the entire house smell like Christmas. I also ordered a bunch of other products for my father-in-law as part of his Christmas gift and I am so impressed with the quality of the products and the service and responsiveness of Maria. One of the items I received was the wrong item and she got in touch immediately, sent me a replacement AND a handwritten card. My father-in-law is from Sellasia, and the smile on his face when he opened his gift tells me these products reminded him of home. Thank you for all that you do and for curating such excellent, authentic Greek products! Cheers!

Sarah Giannakopoulos for Sparoza Mulled Wine Blend