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Condiments: The Greek Classics Set

No Greek table would be complete without these delicious condiements: Olives, roasted peppers, and sea fennel (also called samphire). A versatile part of the healthy Mediterranean diet, this trio comes to you from Tragano Greek Organics. Their three-generation legacy of relationships with local farms gives a special touch to the superior flavor and quality of these classic Greek staples.

This curated combo makes a delicious gourmet gift, too, with free gift-wrapping. We pack it in a stylish white, beribboned box with recipes and the stories of our Artisans, all shipped within our standard craft box.


Tragano Greek Organics Pitted Kalamata Olives - hand-selected olives from a single estate in Greece's most-renown olive-growing region. Tragano's kalamata olives are packed with anti-oxidants and healthy fats and have a fantastic mild flavor without being too salty. 

Tragano Greek Organics Roasted Whole Capia (Red) Peppers - truly fire-roasted, not chemically treated, certified organic, these whole sweet Capia peppers have a special snap to them like no other red peppers you’ve tasted. 

Tragano Greek Organics Sea Fennel - a rare nutritious plant that is sustainably cultivated and packed in an all-natural brine of water, organic vinegar and sea salt.  Enjoy it on your salads, over baked fish, atop tomato soup or in ceviche. 


This curated combo includes FREE gift-wrapping.


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