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Milos Honey from Mouriki - Raw Honey from Greece


Embark on a culinary journey to the enchanting islands of Milos and Kimolos, where the legacy of Aphrodite meets the bountiful gifts of nature. Milos Honey is a harmonious blend of Cycladic thyme and wild herbs like lavender and oregano born from the labor of 200 beehives scattered across Milos and Kimolos islands. Milos Honey is a true rarity, available in limited quantities.

Raw honey benefits are many: high in antioxidants; a natural antiseptic with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties; a lower glycemic index & calorie count than sugar. Greek honey is good for you - a great pre- and post-workout snack and a healthier sugar substitute - try it today!


Fuel your body and soul with a spoonful of Milos Honey, the perfect pre- and post-workout snack. Packed with natural energy and antioxidants, it's the ideal boost to accompany your fitness journey. Moreover, Milos Honey is a culinary treasure! Drizzle it over fresh Greek yogurt, blend it into marinades, or use it as a natural sweetener in your favorite beverages, we love it with a nice cup of hot tea!


Thyme, lavender & Oregano Honey from Milos Island, Greece.

Weight: 450g/1lb


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Meet Maria & Panagiotis Mouriki, Nomadic Beekepers