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Traveling to Greece: Discover Rethymnon, the Carnival capital of Crete

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Rethymnon Carnival

Patras might be known as the Carnival Capital of Greece but the Rethymnon Carnival stands as one of Crete's most captivating cultural events, drawing on a rich history dating back centuries.

Festivities typically kick off in January, reaching their peak during the weeks leading up to Lent. The carnival features a series of events such as grand parades, masquerade balls, and lively street parties with more than 15.000 participants and over 100.000 daily visitors, locals & tourists alike.

Our favorite part? The carnival actively preserves Cretan traditions, showcasing the island's folklore through carefully choreographed performances and creative displays that you won't see anywhere else in Greece.

Rethymnon Harbor

Rethymnon is also known for its well-preserved Renaissance architecture, historical sites, and vibrant atmosphere. If you decide to visit, here is a list of our top recommendations besides the Carnival itself:

  • Explore the picturesque streets of the Old Town, filled with Venetian and Ottoman architecture.
  • Visit the Fortezza, a massive Venetian fortress offering panoramic views of the town and the sea.
  • Admire the lighthouse and the Venetian Rimondi Fountain in the square at Rethymnon Harbor
  • Have dinner at HASIKA, a cozy restaurant inspired by Greek cuisine and local products but with a modern twist.
  • Discover the history of the region through the artifacts and exhibits of the Archaeological Museum.
  • Take a short trip to the Arkadi Monastery, known for its historical significance and beautiful surroundings.
  • Visit the Preveli Monastery and take a hike down to the nearby palm-fringed Preveli Beach.
  • Explore the traditional village of Margarites, known for its pottery workshops and charming atmosphere.

As you can see, there's plenty to keep you busy all year around!

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