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Travel Guide: The Authentic Side of Milos and Kimolos

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Milos Sarakiniko beach

Summer is almost here and we're bringing you our first Island Travel Guide of the year! This month, Marianna will be taking you to Milos and Kimolos, two beautiful islands in the Cyclades that are coming up in many Top Island Destination & Top Summer Vacation Lists. Whether you're an armchair traveler or dreaming of next summer, get inspired!

Famous among international travelers, Milos has seen a sharp rise in popularity but always keeps its authentic charm...if you know where to look! The island is most famous for its dramatic coastline sculpted by volcanic activity and breathtaking beaches, including the iconic Sarakiniko beach, with its lunar-like landscape. Milos is also the place where the iconic Venus de Milo was discovered, an ancient Greek statue depicting the goddess Aphrodite, the ultimate beauty icon, on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. 

Kimolos, a hidden gem just a short ferry ride away from Milos, has a serene ambiance with its unspoiled beaches, quaint villages, and rugged coastline. 

I've visited both islands several times over the last ten years and wanted to share my favorite places with you. If you appreciate good food, scenic landscapes and peaceful surroundings, keep reading! 


Getting to Milos is relatively easy. While there are no direct international flights to the island of Milos, you can get there from Athens, either by ferry (around 4 hours) or a 40-minute domestic flight. Milos is also well connected to other Cycladic islands by ferry, making it a perfect stop on your Greek island hopping. 


Milos offers a diverse landscape and plenty of attractions to explore, including stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and historical sites. Below is a short list with all my favorites:

  • Have breakfast in Pollonia village, at Kivotos ton Gefseon for traditional sweets, savory treats and coffee.  
  • Spend the day in the village of Mandrakia (my definition of the absolute Greek summer setting). Enjoy a quick dip in the picturesque waterfront before having lunch at Medusa
Mandrakia Milos
  • Visit Klima, a picturesque fishing village on the northern coast of the islands, famous for its colorful boathouses called "Syrmata" that used to serve as boat storage for fishermen. While tiny, Klima recently became Instagram famous and can be very busy during sunset...which is why I prefer to visit in the morning for an absolutely serene experience! You can also visit the Ancient Theater of Milos afterwards, a hike or short drive up from Klima.
  • Visit the Chora of Milos, called Plaka, full of little shops, tavernas and incredible views,. Every chora (main town) in the Cyclades is situated high up on the island, a strategic position to defend against invaders and also to have easier access to fresh water. You can hike all the way to the top for 360 views, and then walk down to Palaios for an afternoon coffee and traditional watermelon pie (karpouzopita!). Make sure to catch the sunset behind Panagia Korfiatissa, overlooking the sea. 
Sunset from Plaka, Milos


  • Explore Milos' mining heritage, that's contributed to its unique landscape and economic development over the centuries. Miloterranean has a collection of self-guided hiking trails to various places like the old sulphur mines at Theorychia, a prehistoric obsidian quarry. 
  • For dinner, walk around the village of Trypiti where you'll find many options or go to the port and wait for a table at O!Hamos!


Let's start with Sarakiniko, the most popular beach on the island, which you should visit early in the day to avoid the crowds and find your perfect spot. Carved by wind and sea over thousands of years, the beach features striking white volcanic cliffs and smooth, undulating rock formations that resemble an otherworldly moonscape (that's it, also pictured at the top of our blog).

Sarakiniko Milos


If you are looking for an "organized beach", with umbrellas & sunbeds & refreshments, Fyriplaka is a great all-day option in the southern part of the island. Featuring impressive rock formations, both above the beach as well as in the water, the beach is quite long and you can walk all the way to end for a completely private spot, if you want to avoid the lively beach bar.

Fyriplaka beach Milos


For the more adventurous, visit Tsigrado, right next to Fyriplaka, featuring a short but steep and narrow pathway (and a ladder pictured below!) down to the beach. The crystal-clear waters of Tsigrado make the way down worth it but make sure to have some supplies with you in a backpack to keep your hands free and wear proper shoes or sneakers for a good grip on the path (although I've witnessed many people climbing down, loaded with umbrellas, portable fridges and more!).

Tsigrado beach Milos

P.S.: While I've never had the chance to try them myself, there are numerous boat tours available around the island. It's something I've always wanted to experience, and I thought it worth mentioning as an exciting option for exploration. Let us know if you've ever been on one.


You can find all sorts of bed & breakfasts and studios but for a real splurge (honeymoon, anyone?!), Skinopi Lodge takes the prize. Their unique architecture, gorgeous surroundings and striking views (captured below by the amazing @lavieestgrecque) make it the ultimate Cycladic experience. 

Skinopi Lodge view


Kimolos is a tiny island that you can easily discover in a day or two and I recommend you rent a bike to easily get around. First, head for the Chorio (the main village) and walk around to discover the beautiful alleys, public street libraries, often using restored fishermen boats as shelves, and what I call, island graffiti: phrases and sketches in the alleys of Cycladic islands, made with the leftover paint from the annual white-washing of the houses. 


Kimolos, Cyclades


Make sure to visit Kali Kardia - Bohoris, since 1920, for a traditional meal with only fresh, local ingredients. Kimolos has a rich culinary tradition, with specialties including local cheeses like "xinotyro" and "ksinomizithra", as well as traditional dishes such as "louza" (cured pork), "kolokithokeftedes" (zucchini fritters) and "ladenia" (a flatbread with lots of olive oil, tomatoes and onions). You'll have plenty of company here, as all the island old-timers hang out hear for their coffee or mid-day "tsipouro"!

Nothing says Greek summer like an open-air movie theater! I usually try to catch a movie at Cine Kalisperitis. The cinema is ran by Kimolistes, a team of volunteers. and offers free screenings. The team has won multiple awards in the fields of Culture and Sustainable Development for this initiative. 

Kimolos Chora


If you want a seaside meal, Kyma, right on the tiny port of Kimolos, is famous for fresh fish and seafood. You will be having your meal quite literally on the sea, with your feet in the sand! You can call ahead of time for a reservation. 

sea urchin salad


Another favorite stop of mine is Raventi for fresh jams and marmalades to bring back home. 

Last but not least, Polyegos, an uninhabited island close to Milos and Kimolos, known for its crystal-clear waters, is a popular destination if you have or want to hire a boat. Fun fact: the name of the island is derived from Greek words "poly" which means "many" and "ego" meaning "goat" due to the presence of many wild goats on the island.



Let us know which Greek places you're itching to explore, whether it's a hidden gem on a quaint island or mountain escape, and we'll share our insights!

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