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Traveling to Greece: Dragon Lake Verliga

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Tips on what to do in Dragon Lake Verliga in Greece

Dragon Lake Verliga: Greece is...

...full of surprises! According to tradition, myths and legends, it was named Dragon Lake because a large dragon came out of the bowels of the earth, crawled meandering on the ground, and after a few miles was lost again in its depths. Nowadays, the water of the spring follows this route and is lost in the sinkhole created by the dragon.

Lake Verliga is located on Lakmos Mountain, in central Greece and it is the main “feeder” of the Acheloos and Arachthos rivers. This alpine lake is a secret, green paradise in Greece and the perfect destination for adventurers who want to discover, hike, and camp in hidden places. Can you imagine waking up beside this mesmerizing lake?!

How to get there: drive from Athens to Chaliki village, near Trikala (about 6 hours). Chaliki is where most of the hiking trails towards Lake Verliga start. It's about a 5-mile hike and you can go any time of the year, although we'd recommend spring & fall for an easier hike. There are also gorgeous mountain biking trails, too.

Lake Verliga is an amazing place to camp. Take some warm clothes, even if you're going in summer, and carry plenty of water &  food you can easily cook up there, like pasta and sauce for lunch or dinner and  honey for breakfast for all the healthy, all-natural energy you'll need!

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