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A Tangerine Champagne Cocktail from Little Rock

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A Tangerine Champagne Cocktail from Little Rock

My Zelos adventure has introduced me to so many interesting people and it never ceases to amaze me how far our Greek delicacies can travel.  A couple of weeks ago, a fellow food blogger, Dina from The Perks of Being Us in Little Rock, posted her own cocktail concoction using Citrus Scent of Memory's unique tangerine marmalade and I just had to learn more.  Here's an excerpt of our chat and her recipe below:

 M: First of all, how did you come up with such a delicious-sounding cocktail?!

D:  Well, for year's I have crafted drinks using the method of sweet + sour + vodka or gin. When I got the Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade, I could not WAIT to mix up a cocktail!

M: Your pictures are gorgeous - tell us a bit about your inspiration, how did your visual style evolve over the time you’ve been doing this?

 D: Wow, that is really quite a compliment, we are humbled! I actually have a degree in art, and a love for fashion. I find myself on Instagram, getting so much inspiration from the bloggers that are out there. We set up a small studio in a room in our house, and took tips from James at He is not only a great cook, but an incredible photographer.

M: What is your experience with or impressions of Greek food?

D:  My experience of Greek food comes from trying all kinds of cuisines. I was very close to someone at work that made homemade baklava every year at Christmas and she would always bring me some. Since a teenager, I have loved anything with spinach and feta cheese. If I saw that combo on a menu, I would order it! 

M: The Perks of Being Us is a joint effort with your husband, Bruce - any tips for working with your husband and still keeping a marriage going after 30 years?!

D:  Tips for working with Bruce? That is an easy one! Stay in your lane. I make the menu. I change the menu. He knows that we head into the week with a plan, but it can change, based on so many things. It changes if I have to travel, if I get some fresh produce that I can't wait to work into the menu, if my lunch plans involve the same thing I am going to have for dinner. It changes for, well, let's just say I am bound to change my mind mid week! He typically is home and has most of the prep work done. So when I get home, he makes it simple, he says, make your drink, I have this under control. When I let him do his thing, and I do mine, it is a perfect match. Oh, and he is great at the dishes, and I don't load the dishwasher the way he does, so I fold the clothes. Everybody wins!

M: What’s the one must-go-to place you’d recommend to people visiting Little Rock?

D:  A must-visit for nature lovers would be to climb Pinnacle Mountain.  Just west of Arkansas' capital city of Little Rock, Pinnacle Mountain stands as the centerpiece of this geographically diverse state park. You can climb it in just one day, and it includes 15 miles of trails for hikers or bikers. Many have had photos posted on Instagram when they arrive at the top!

I loved getting to know the people behind the blogs...and am working on my husband to get in a hiking vacation to Pinnacle Mountain!  Here's the recipe for that delicious cocktail from Dina & Bruce - from Chios to Arkansas to your own bar, enjoy!


3 oz. gin or vodka

1 dollop (bar spoon) of Chios Tangerine Marmelade

Juice of 2 limes


Shake all the ingredients with ice and strain them into a champagne flute. Top off with a little more champagne and garnish with a candied lemon or orange.

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