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Five healthy snacks for home office or school

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Tragano Greek Organics roasted pepper (Capia) bruschetta

One of the challenges of working or studying from home is that you need to have a well-stocked pantry and fridge...and it had better be full of reasonably healthy choices to keep our energy levels high throughout the day! 

I've put together five easy snacks, hot and cold, one for each day of the week. These tasty, Greek-inspired treats will definitely help you resist the temptation to snack on high-fat cereal bars, chips or overly sweet cookies and junk food.

If you also keep baby carrots, radishes, and different kinds of cheese around to complement these, you're sure to satisfy the munchies with plenty of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants...just what we need to beat the Fall Frenzy.

Let us know what kind of healthy snacks you're making with our Artisans' delights, we'd love to share them with all the Zelos community!

1. Red pepper bruschetta

I always have a jar of Tragano Greek Organics peppers on hand because they're incredibly versatile and add a needed touch of color and vitamins to scrambled eggs, salads, meatballs and more. For a quick, tasty snack, I especially like taking out a whole pepper and cutting it up onto a piece of toasted french bread (or even better, onto a slice of my own bread, if I've made some!) and drizzling some extra virgin olive oil over it - call it a Greek bruschetta! If you have a bit of a longer break, take a few minutes to stuff one of these peppers with some cottage cheese or crumbled feta and pop it under the grill for a delicious hot snack.

2. Spicy feta dip - tyrokafterí

You can also stuff those whole peppers with this easy dip that I whip up by blending crumbled feta with a few spoonfuls of Elli & Manos Spicy Dip with Florina Peppers...but I also love tyrokafterí with warm pita bread or stuffed in celery sticks, a tasty way to get a good boost of calcium and fiber, too!


Yogurt dip with Tragano Greek Organics extra virgin olive oil and Sparoza 15 Greek herbs and seeds condiments

3. Easy yogurt dip

Forget overly rich dips or ranch dressing for your carrot sticks and broccoli and cauliflower florets - they defeat the purpose!! Instead, mix up with a fork a container of low-fat, high-protein Greek yogurt (I'm a Fage fan, myself) with a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil from Tragano Greek Organics, and sprinkle some of Sparoza's 15 Greek Herbs & Seeds for some extra flavor - your raw veggies will never be the same again! Add some shredded (and drained!) cucumber and garlic to make a tzatziki, or capers and lemon juice to make a refreshing sauce for your grilled salmon!
 Tragano greek organics pitted Kalamata and green olives

4. Pitted Greek olives

When you're in a real rut and need an energy boost, resist the temptation to reach for the chocolate and go for the olive jar instead! Our organic pitted olives are a good source of fiber, calcium (yes, Kalamata olives have calcium!) and anti-oxidants...and they're pretty addicting, too!

5. Spinach & feta Greek breakfast pizzas

I know I first shared this spinach & feta pizza recipe for breakfast or brunch, but I ended up munching on the leftovers in the middle of the day when I wanted a more substantial snack, so I thought I'd share it again. Made fresh, these are a great after-school snack for hungry kids and will really help tide you over if your Zoom meetings are running late.



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