Friday Night Fun! Renaissance Cocktail

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Friday Night Fun! Renaissance Cocktail

Your Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade isn't just for breakfast!  Here is the recipe for the Renaissance, that Chios-inspired cocktail from OverProof mixologists, Christos Mazarakis and Giannis Koutsouradis, whom we profiled earlier this week in our series on Global Greek Gastronomy.  Skinos mastiha liqueur is sold in the States but if you have a hard time finding it, substitute a gin, like Beefeater, that won't overpower the fragrances.


60 ml Skinos mastiha spirit

20 ml fresh lemon juice

10 ml Luxardo maraschino liqueur 

7 ml Fernet Branca

1 barspoon Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade

A pinch of fleur de sel


Shake all ingredients

Glass: Chilled martini glass

Garnish: Orange and Lemon zest

Zelos is passionate about Greek food and Global Greek Gastronomy, that fusion of traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine that has spread across the world. In this special section of our blog, we want to promote the people and places that we believe are pioneering this trend. Full disclosure: we DO NOT gain anything from these posts, we are not paid to advertise them; rather, we are honestly sharing our personal favorites for you to enjoy!

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