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Our favorite Greek Wines and Food Pairings

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Vineyards on a sunny day

Did you know that Greece boasts a diverse tradition of winemaking? From the sun-kissed vineyards of Santorini to the mountainous terrains of Macedonia, Greek wines showcase a unique terroir. With indigenous grape varieties like Assyrtiko and Xinomavro, Greece offers a compelling array of wines that reflect its distinct regional flavors and contribute to the global wine scene.

We have compiled a short list of our favorite Greek varieties and food pairings for a cozy night in.


Starting off with white wines, we have Malagouzia, a distinctive Greek white wine grape, celebrated for its ability to thrive in the country's warm climate. Offering a unique combination of floral aromas, vibrant acidity, and rich fruit flavors, Malagouzia wines often feature notes of citrus, tropical fruits, and hints of herbs. It produces refreshing and well-balanced wines that showcase the terroir of Greece.

Our pick: Malagouzia Ktima Gerovassiliou, Macedonia ($29)

This wine pairs well with white fish, crab or lobster. Surprisingly, you can also serve it with fruit pies, cakes & syrupy desserts like baklava.

Assyrtiko, another prominent white grape variety, is renowned for thriving in the volcanic soils of Santorini. Its wines are characterized by high acidity, mineral complexity, and a crisp, citrus-driven profile. Assyrtiko often exhibits notes of lemon, green apple, and sea breeze, making it a versatile and refreshing choice, particularly in the context of Greek gastronomy.

Our picks:
Estate Argyros Assyrtiko, Santorini ($40)
Tselepos Canava Chrissou Vielles Vignes, Assyrtiko, Santorini ($40)

Enjoy a glass of Assyrtiko with ceviche or seafood pasta or a meat carpaccio!


Let's start with Xinomavro, a red grape variety native to Greece, particularly in the regions of Naoussa and Amynteo. Xinomavro means sour black and is known as the "Nebbiolo of the East". It produces robust, tannic wines with high acidity and a complex flavor profile. Xinomavro wines often display notes of dark fruit, tomato, olive, and a distinctive earthiness. With excellent aging potential, Xinomavro wines develop greater nuance and soften over time, showcasing the grape's unique character and the diverse terroirs of northern Greece.

Our picks:
Thymiopoulos Ghi kai Uranos Xinomavro (Land and Sky), Naoussa ($38)
Alpha Estate SMX Syrah - Xinomavro - Merlot, Macedonia($46)

Pair them with our Vegan Soutzoukakia recipe or you can go for a surprise combination with sweet desserts like Karydopita.

Finally, Agiorgitiko,the wine of St George: a red grape variety indigenous to Greece, hails mainly from the Nemea region. Known for its versatility, it produces a range of wines from medium-bodied and fruity to more robust and tannic expressions. Agiorgitiko wines often exhibit flavors of red and dark fruits such as cherry and plum, along with hints of spice and a velvety texture.

Our pick: Sant’Or Agiorgitiko Peloponnese ($24)

Pair it with any classic Greek savory pie like Spanakopita or Tyropita.

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