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Heading Home...from Home

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Heading Home...from Home

This is a short blog, as I'm heading back home to Cincinnati from Greece...which will always be home, but not quite in the same way anymore. It's been a wonderful vacation, catching up with so many friends and family (over many long dinners!).

And best of all, I had all three of my kids together. It was only for a week but that was still long enough to get in our annual sports tournament - last year was water polo, this year we went back to soccer, complete with Zēlos t-shirts!

The arrival home will be just as bittersweet as the departure. I'm excited to be getting back to what hopefully will be the arrival of our latest goodies from Greece (stay tuned for more on that!) and we'll be at a couple of events in Cincinnati, which are always a fun way to meet Zelos fans in person. But I'll also be packing up my youngest child to go off to college ,and any parents out there know how hard it is to face an empty nest.

Luckily, we've got a great season ahead with Zelos to keep me distracted - new products, new gift boxes, new recipes, and new stories of entrepreneurial Greeks and Americans who make this adventure so rewarding.  We've also started up our Pinterest account, so pin your favorite products and recipes on our boards.  And do keep sharing your stories and pictures - whether it's through social media or plain old email, we love hearing about your own zealous culinary adventures, they're our greatest inspiration!  


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