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Three years of Zelos women going strong!

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Three years of Zelos women going strong!

This month marks the third anniversary of our special Marketplace and it's only fitting that I share this blog on International Women's Day, for women have been at the heart and soul of Zelos and all we do. I'm so proud, too, that our status as a woman-owned & operated business has been officially recognized. We just received out certification from WBENC as a women-owned business and we hope that this will bring more opportunities to grow our business and work with even more women entrepreneurs. You see, there are approximately 13 million women-owned businesses in the US, 42% of all businesses, yet our businesses are suffering from revenue and capital disparity. Believe me when I say that working with other women is both a pleasure and an honor and I am so proud that we are 100% run by women.

Zelos Authentic Greek Artisan team

Pauline and I share a long friendship and the same passion to promote Greek gastronomy. On our Zelos journey we were lucky enough to work with Leonore, who started as an intern and continues to support us on marketing projects, and Alicia, who manages our warehouse and packs all your products with care. Lately we started working with Rachel and Erica on our social media accounts and we hope to work with many more talented women.

Zelos has grown and flourished these three years, yet what makes me most proud is that so many of you have let us into your lives, entrusting us with your special moments, sending gifts to help make up for the cancelled honeymoon to Greece, the 50th wedding anniversary, birthdays and holidays celebrated from afar. You've shared your pictures of quarantine cooking, easy family meals, special birthday dinners. I hope you read about Anu's Zealous Vegetarian Dinner for a special birthday! 

This month also marks a more difficult anniversary, the month when the Covid-19 pandemic struck us all. I have to be honest, I was really worried about how our Artisans would fare in the economic fallout from the crisis. Greece was just beginning to recover from their economic hardships and had a record-breaking year of tourism in 2019, yet most small businesses didn't have big cash reserves to ride out a year-long crisis. Thanks to the support of our wonderful Zealous Fans and all the new people who've discovered our products on other platforms, we were able to place a large order at the end of last year, giving our Artisans a needed boost.

Sparoza founder, Artisan Efi Ekmetzoglou, with her handcrafted toothpastes that she had made for the winter holidays!

This year, we continue to bring new products and ideas - we've just launched Subscription Boxes and Subscribe & Save and we have convenient new refills for Sparoza teas, plus new seasoning mixes that you'll love! Have you tried Quince & Sour Cherry from Citrus Chios? Or Agrozimi's squid ink couscous? I am thrilled that we can continue bringing classic and contemporary flavors of Greek cuisine to the States. On this our 3rd birthday, let me just say thanks to all of you who have supported the women of Zelos!


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Susana Lobo
Susana Lobo

March 15, 2021

Congratulations to all of you! You all have done an excellent job. It helps to have such high quality and delicious products but it is your dedication and attention to detail and costumer satisfaction that makes Zelos so special. Keep it up

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