About Us

Zelos is a purpose-driven online marketplace that brings to the US authentic, responsibly-sourced, Greek flavors, while helping small businesses in Greece to grow and prosper.

We want you to 


... an authentic Greek culinary experience.

We know you’re here because you're curious and have a taste for Greek cuisine. We want you to experience the true tastes and flavors of modern Greece that go beyond the clichés, to enjoy the same genuine flavors that we grew up with, and to see, as we do, food as an act of love, synonymous with fun and happiness.


 ... in our products' origins and ingredients

We only choose organic or natural products, without a hint of preservatives, that are produced locally in Greece by small businesses. We are convinced that small-batch artisanal food is a healthy and tastier alternative to industrially-processed foods. 


… our zealous Greek Artisans

When you buy one of our Artisans' products, you support a very small business with big dreams that works in a challenging economic environment. We handpick these small business carefully and responsibly, choosing those that support local communities and producers and that honor their craft with zēlos, the Greek word for zeal.