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Meet Theodoros Skylakakis

Novel Tradition Foods PC is an Athens-based company, founded in 2015 by Theodoros Skylakakis. Novel Tradition specializes in the production and marketing of sea fennel, which, until recently, was found only in the wild, along rocky coastlines.  The Skylakakis family have their own farm in the province of Ilia, in the Peloponnese, and also buy sea fennel from Christos Karapanos, a company partner whose farm on the island of Zakynthos was certified organic in 2016. "Our intention, says Theodoros, is to turn sea fennel from a forgotten local specialty to a rediscovered heritage super food in the Greek and international markets." Christos Karapanos adds that "because sea fennel has no natural predators, and is a gourmet product with significant health benefits, only organic cultivation makes real sense. The biggest problem is weed control, which the team confronts by fabric and, three to four times a year, by hand-weeding". Novel Tradition Foods sees its effort to bring an ancient health food to new markets as part of agriculture’s proper future -- increasing the productivity of the land and the health of consumers, without damaging the environment. The Skylakakis family farm is in Agia Marina, Ilia. Find it on a mapChristos Karapanos's farm is in Kalamaki, Zakinthos. Find it on a map.