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Grape Syrup (Grape Must Petimezi) from Oleosophia


Grape Syrup from Oleosophia is made from grape must and called petimezi in Greek, and is a healthy sugar substitute and natural sweetener. Distilled from pure Corinthian grape juice, petimezi retains precious reservatrol, the naturally-occurring powerful antioxident found in grapes & wine. In ancient times, this grape syrup was used to strengthen the immune system and treat anemia and it's no wonder why - petimezi is rich in antioxidants like reservatrol, vitamins A, C, & D, and trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium & iron. Similar to molasses in consistency, Oleosophia's Grape Syrup has a fragrant aroma and rich flavor, with an acerbic aftertaste that makes it a great sugar alternative in both sweet and savory dishes. Try it in salad dressings, to glaze meats and as a yogurt & ice cream topping.


We love petimezi as a healthy alternative to sugar, an all-natural sweetener that enhances sweet & savory dishes alike. We use it in baking as a sugar substitute (Greek moustokoulora cookies are a classic!), drizzle it over cheese for a sweetly-savory flavor, mix it with olive oil & lemon for a flavorful dressing. We even pour it over roasted meats as a rich glazing. Try it for breakfast, mixed into your tea, morning bowls and as a yogurt or ice cream topping.


Concentrated grape juice.

The sediment at the bottom of the bottle is normal. May contain traces of natural sulfites. Keep in a cool and dry place.


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