Traveling to Greece: Arachova

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Traveling to Greece: Arachova, Athens' winter playground


It might not be ski season yet, but Aráchova is definitely a place to visit, even in the fall. It's a picturesque village at the foot of Mt. Parnassós, to the west of Athens and not too far from Delphi. 

In the winter it's packed with Athenians who go for winter sports, the nightlife, or even just to wander the cobblestoned streets and people-watch, since Aráchova gets more than its fair share of celebrities...think of it as a winter Santorini or Mykonos! 

The fall season sees fewer people but the same gorgeous mountain scenery...and the food is fantastic any time of year.

What to eat when you visit Arachova, kokoretsi

True to its mountain heritage, Aráchova is known for its meat and that's at its best over an open fire, which you'll especially appreciate during these cool fall days. 

Try kontosoúvli (chunks of pork skewered with onions, tomatoes, an oversized souvláki!); kokorétsi (lamb intestines stuffed with offal), sarmádes (meat-stuffed grape leaves). 

Vegetarians, don't despair! There are also wonderful traditional pies with wild greens & cheese, handmade trahanas (yogurt pasta) soup & rich hilopites (flat egg noodles).  

There's also a delicious local cheese, formaéla, and their hefty red wine, Mavroudi, or black wine, that achieved Protected Designation of Origin status in 2006....perfect as the seasons change!

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