Traveling to Greece: Evros Delta National Park

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Traveling to Greece: Evros Delta National Park


Part of our mission at Zelos is to showcase Greek food beyond the clichés, and that goes for our love of Greece as a country, too. One of the less-explored but still fascinating corners of Greece is the Evros Delta National Park, an important European wetland and a magnet for birdwatchers. The river flows through Greece from its source in Bulgaria, and for much of its length marks the border between Greece and Turkey.

Beyond birds, there is a rich wildlife in this region. So many snakes - the nose-horned viper, the sand boa, the cat snake, the grass snake, the dice snake, and the leopard snake, to name just a few! You can find several species of tortoise, terrapins, lizards, the warty newt, yellow-bellied toad, marsh frog, and fire salamander...even the rare (despite its misleading name) common otter. But the Evros Delta is more than just a wetland, with wolves, jackals, and polecats in the area - it is a truly incredible wildlife habitat and worth a visit.

Traveling to Greece: Evros Delta National Park

This area is a fascinating destination for a road trip from my hometown of Thessaloniki. You can rent a car and drive through (and stop to eat in!) the towns of Kavala, Xanthi, & Alexandroupoli before reaching the wetlands. Consider an alternative Greek vacation and spend some time exploring this striking region of Thrace and all it has to offer.

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