Traveling to Greece: Magical Lake Plastiras

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Traveling to Greece: Magical Lake Plastiras

An artificial lake in complete harmony with the natural landscape, the Lake Plastiras region is rich in attractions and ideal for mountain sports. The idea for the lake belongs to Greece's famous general & Prime Minister, Nikolaos Plastiras. His gift to future generations: blue waters & wonderful beaches surrounded by fir trees. It's a truly magical place that will remind you of a Harry Potter movie!


Enjoy the freshly grilled meat & trout, hearty stews, and the Messenicola wine in the many stone taverns around the lake. Experience the welcoming atmosphere of Kalyvia Pezoulas, Belokomitis, Neohori, the Tsardaki area and Phylakti. Take a break from your tour with a hot herbal tea or Greek coffee at one of the many lakeside cafes. This is a wonderful location to discover all throughout the year! 

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