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Traveling to Greece: the Cycladic island of Anafi near Santorini

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The Cycladic island of Anafi near santorini


We thought this would be the perfect place to kick off September - Anafi, a small island near Santorini, but without an airport and without the crowds!! Anafi still has the volcanic landscape, traditional whitewashed churches and sandy beaches so typical of the Cycladic islands, but its quieter vibe make it such a hidden gem.

The Cycladic island of Anafi near Santorini

Looming over the island is the rock of Kalamos - at over 1400 feet, it's second only to the Rock of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean. Try hiking around to see the spectacular views and visit the Monastery of Panagia Kalamiotissa up at the top - there's an inscription that a monk carved in 1715!! On the north side of the mountain, you can visit the Dragon Cave, with its mineral deposits and stalactites in formation, and there are many other paths around the island that are wroth exploring.

The Cycladic island of Anafi near Santorini

There are only three villages on the island - the port of Agios Nikolaos, the main town of Chora up the hill, and the small village of Kleisidi, above the beach of the same name. You can take local buses to the sandy beaches of the southern part of the island but if you can get a boat, try to go around the northern side and dive into the clear, cold waters. 

If you're already planning next summer's vacation, think about putting Anafi on your list!

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