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Traveling to Greece: Chios and its Kampos area

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Welcome to the Kampos region of Chios!Those of you who've been following us on our Zelos journey know that the Greek island of Chios has a very special place in my heart. My husband was born & raised there and it's where we were married over thirty years ago. Every summer we'd bring our children there and we have a really nice group of friends that always comes every summer with their own kids for a few days of love and laughter (and food!).

Chios is an island of hidden wonders that doesn't get many tourists but does welcome back every summer so many fanatic Chians who live abroad. It's a large island and you really need a week or more to really explore it...and once you get to know it you always want to return. 

Three things characterize Chios:

  1. sailors, captains and shipowners (most of those famous Greek shipowners come from Chios); 
  2. the mastic tree, which only grows in the southern part of Chios and has been such a critical part of the island's history;
  3. the Chian Mandarin, a special kind of tangerine that grows in the beautiful orchards in the area of Kampos (that you all know so well because of Citrus Chios!).

Zelos Greek Artisan travel to Greece blog on Kampos Chios

Chios' citrus fruits, and more specifically the Chian tangerine, which is now protected by the European Union, have been famous around the world since the 1700s, when legend has it the Venetians began cultivating them on the island. The fruit was exported in wooden crates, hand-wrapped one by one in luxurious paper.

You can see the beautiful paper and the original crates in the Citrus Museum, housed on the beautiful, tranquil estate of Perivóli  in the heart of the Kampos region. The museum is a testament to the glory days of the Kampos and the special architecture of their homes and orchards. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and some homemade sweets and preserves in the beautiful yard of the Museum, too, and, if you're lucky, catch one of the exhibits or concerts that this community space often hosts. 

After visiting the Museum, I strongly recommend that you take the time to  stroll the narrow walled roads of the Kampos. Peek into  as many houses as you can, or stay in one of the restored guesthouses. There are beautiful estates with unique wells, cisterns and irrigation systems for the tangerine orchards. If you want more information about Chios and how to enjoy a visit there,let me know, I'd love to respond to any of your questions and help you enjoy my beloved adopted island!

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