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Traveling to Greece: Vitsa, Greek mountain paradise

1 min read

Zelos Greek Artisan visiting Vitsa in Zagori Greek  mountain destination

This week's postcard comes to you from a place that has been on my bucket list for ages...but where I haven't visited! Still, I wanted to share a peek into this special village off the usual tourist track, the mountain paradise of Vitsa. One of the "Zagorahoria", the stone villages of the Zagori region in northwestern Greece, Vitsa is a lovely base to explore the nearby Vikos Gorge, a striking natural wonder that is a must to hike (yes, that's on my bucket list, too!).

Eleftheria, whom you all met a few weeks ago when she joined the Zelos team, shared her own personal favorites from Vitsa. She loves that it's smaller and less crowded than nearby Monodéndri, where most tourists base themselves to hike the gorge. Her top 3 recommendations?

1. Walk the centuries-old double-arched bridge of Missios and the cobblestoned paths leading to the other villages in the area - definitely worth a trek!

2. Have a coffee at Vikoyiatros, the doctor of Vikos...but the owner is actually a poet and he and his wife have melomakárona Christmas cookies available all year around, and they always treat you to one with your Greek coffee! 

3. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Kanella kai Garyfallo, Cinnamon & Clove, a fantastic taverna that is dedicated to wild mushrooms and has a spectacular view of the Vikos Gorge from the dining room.

Have you ever been to this wild corner of Greece? Send me your pictures & tips, I'd love to share them on our Instagram page!

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