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Meet Eleftheria & her medicinal Greek herbal teas

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eleftheria karakatsina greek superherbs

If you follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletters, you'll have already met Eleftheria Karakatsina, who was part of our Zelos team in 2022 & 2023. Besides being an amazing cook (check out her Sour Cherry Black Forest cake recipe!), she's also an "Authentic Greek Artisan" herself, having started her own small business. Read on to learn more about this energizing young woman! 

What's the story behind your business/brand?

Greek nature! I was born in Athens and I was lucky enough to grow up in one of the most beautiful villages-suburbs, named Drosiá (which also means "dew" and "cool" in Greek!). As a result, my childhood was full of nature, animals and playing with friends in nature. Growing up, my relationship with nature began to become a need, the one that helps you breathe and think clearly. After all, this is where I have made the biggest decisions of my life so far, always having my furry -and most loyal- friends by my side.

eleftheria karakatsina greek superherbs
Pelion, Greece.


Greek Superherbs, consists of 100% natural and wild herbal tea blends that I handcrafted with the help of Harvard researchers in Boston. After many studies on Greek medicinal herbs and their proven benefits, I ended up creating the most effective herb combinations for several needs in our busy daily lives like sleep, stress, detox, immune support, focus, mood boost, digestion, and energy. 

eleftheria karakatsina tsivlos lake greek superherbs energy herbal tea

Lake Tsivlos, Greece.


How does it feel to have created something you own from scratch?

Gratitude and contentment. I also feel ready to work hard, to create, to fail, and to learn. I'm still pretty new to the “entrepreneurship” world and I have a long way to go, but I'm happy I managed to set everything up on my own.

eleftheria karakatsina greek superherbs herbal tea


What’s been your biggest challenge in getting your business up and running? Has it been any more difficult operating as a Greek woman in business in the US instead of on your home turf?

Back in Greece I was working as a Creative Director for several digital advertising agencies. I hadn't thought to become an entrepreneur until I moved to the US where I felt the need to do something mine and not to work again for "the big companies". My love for Greek herbs and nature led me to create my brand and share it with health conscious people that are looking for something raw and natural. I found no difficulties in getting my business up and running. I always trust the process and know that I have to be methodic, patient, and persistent in order to make it work. I had a really small budget from my savings, with which I ordered and imported my first herbs from Greek farmers, and this is how it all started. Running a business 100% by yourself is not easy but it is very satisfying when you see the results. And by results I mean people’s love for Greek herbs.


natural greek herbal teas loose leaf herbs eco friendly ethically sourced



What's your favorite Greek food and why? Can you share with us your favorite recipe?

My favorite Greek food is gemistá (stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice), and the best version of this recipe, is yours, with sweet potatoes! Why? Because it’s so satisfying, tasty, light, nutritious, easy to make, and most of all, vegan!

vegan stuffed peppers gemista with sweet potatoes

 Vegan stuffed Peppers with Sweet Potatoes


Describe Greece in one sentence.

The kindest, most beautiful, and patient mother.

eleftheria karakatsina tinos greece greek superherbs

 I am sending you all my positive energy from Tinos, Greece!

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