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End-of-summer vegan stuffed peppers...from Japan!

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Vegan Greek stuffed peppers and veggies gemista

A few weeks ago I shared my recipe for Crockpot gemistá, a classic Greek summer dish that is just the thing you need if you're feeding a hungry crowd over a holiday weekend. They taste so much better if you make them a day or two earlier, so you can make them mid-week and enjoy the long weekend with your family & friends!

Great minds really do think alike because a few days later, our Zealous Artisan, Pamela, sent us her own recipe, all the way from Okinawa, Japan! Pauline and I still dream about a girls' trip to meet this incredible lady in person. After all, you've got to love an American who loved Greek cooking & culture so much that she moved to Greece twice and then opened up a Greek restaurant in Japan!!

Covid has changed things for Pamela, as it has for so many of us. Her Little Greek Kitchen is only open for take-out and she's hoping a special shipment from Greece won't be delayed by the pandemic (we feel for her on that one - our own container had more than its share of adventures this summer!). But in the spirit of our favorite Zealous Artisans, Pamela is going strong...and still picking those Okinawa grape leaves for her stuffed dolmades!

Pamela picking Okinawa grapes

Covid has also prompted new ideas for everyone and Pamela is no excpetion. She's decided to start a new venture, focusing on her cheesemongering skills. "In October I will be opening a cheese and yogurt factory at Plaza House! It has been a long time coming and I am so excited for this next step in Little GREEK Kitchen’s venture... Meet ‘Cheeseanista’,  I’ve gone and created my own version of a Greek Cheese Goddess!!"

We are so excited for Pamela and her new venture...she is truly one of Greek Gastronomy's best ambassadors! But back to stuffed's what she shared with us on Instagram - make some for this Labor Day weekend and enjoy! 

Pamela's Vegan Gemistá - oven-baked stuffed peppers 

"decided to have a little fast fun with #gemista #stuffed vegetables I went #vegan and #extra #healthy You know me.... I never measure so flavor to your liking. Here’s my recipe with💙

- Sauté onion, garlic and pine nuts in olive oil
- Add salt, pepper and #greek #oregano
- I used about 3/4c tomato and 1 cup water
- Simmer lightly (20-30 min)
- Add rice or as I did a blend of grains (precook for time saving) 
- Turn off the heat, mix well and stuff your vegetables!
- I put pumpkin instead of potatoes in between for a little extra vitamin A
- Bake at 200c (400F) until golden on top of the vegetables

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