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Our Top 5 Fun & Unique Cocktails

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5 fun and unique cocktails using citrus fruits and greek mountain tea

I am a real cocktail lover, as my good friends will tell you. Give me a delicious caipirinha, pisco sour, or Moscow Mule, and I'm a happy woman! I learned to love tropical-like drinks when I was living in Venezuela, but I also love exploring new flavors.

A few weeks ago, my zealous friend Pauline, introduced me to a Negroni, which, funnily enough, I'd never had before. I was in Thessaloniki visiting my ailing mom and was so excited that Pauline was there, too. Of course we worked on Zelos, but we also played a little - even a socially-distanced drink was better than our endless phone and Zoom meetings from these past months! I decided to try her Negroni, and liked the bitter flavors, which she told me reminded her of her many years in Italy.

Drinks, like all food, do remind us of places and peoples and fond memories. With Labor Day weekend coming up, it really feels like summer is coming to an end and I'm going to be toasting with drinks inspired by our Greek summer. I know I was one of the very fortunate ones to be able to go to my childhood home this summer - so many others couldn't, but we can all have a taste of Greece this Labor Day. These are not your usual Friday-night cocktails but I know you'll love them for all your weekend get-togethers, from brunches to barbecues - enjoy the flavors of Greece!

1. Sparkling Citrus Vodka Cocktail 

Our Cincinnati-based photographer friend, Elizabeth Lowry, used the syrup from our Triple Citrus Fruits Marmalade to make a Sparkling Citrus Vodka Cocktail. We've done a lot with the syrup from our spoon sweets, but I admit, this is even better, as the combination of Orange, Bitter Orange, and Grapefruit give the drink even more zest. Let us know what you think! 

2. Onassis Cocktail 

Named for our Greek-American friend, Onassis (not the shipping tycoon!), this cocktail uses Sparoza's Aurora Greek Mountain Tea. Onassis was inspired by the comforting moments he'd spend in his grandmother's kitchen as a student and decided to make this...well, let's just call it a more adult version of Greek iced tea!

3. Renaissance Cocktail 

I didn't make it to Giannis' & Christos' Overproof bar this summer, but I'm still planning on making their delicious Renaissance Cocktail. It's a great reminder that the jar of Citrus Chian Tangerine Marmalade in my fridge isn't just for breakfast. Add the flavor of the Mastiha liqueur and you're immediately taken to the magic of Chios Island! If you can't find Mastiha, try Sambuca or Pastis.

4. Tangerine Champagne Cocktail 

This zealous journey has introduced us to so many wonderful people, including a fellow food blogger, Dina, from The Perks of Being Us in Little Rock, Arkansas. She and her husband made a wonderful tangerine champagne cocktail that's become a party classic in our home. 

5. Sour Cherry Manhattan 

Manhattan cocktail using Citrus Chios sour cherry handmade fruit preserve

All the way from Hawaii, our zealous friends Anu & Alex gave a fun Greek twist to their usual Manhattan. Just add a dollop of Citrus Chios' Sour Cherry Spoon Sweet and this classic cocktail gets a classic Greek summer touch...and you'll never use maraschino cherries again!

Do you have any fun, zealous cocktails to share? Send us a note or tag us @zelosgreekartisan when you post on social media and we'll share in our next round of recipes!

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