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Traveling to Greece: Florina

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Traveling to Greece: Florina

Florina: Discover this filmmaker's paradise

The northwestern Greek town of Flórina is a hidden gem to be discovered. Renowned Greek filmmaker, Theo Angelopoulos shot seven of his movies here and poet George Seferis  wrote of the town's striking natural beauty. Surrounded by mountains on either side, the town is crossed by the Sakoulevas River, with six lakes close by, including the famous nature preserve of the Prespes Lakes.


Flórina's attractions go beyond nature, with historic buildings dating back to the town's heydey in the '30s, when the railroad first connected it to Thessaloniki. You can still take the train to Flórina and enjoy the beautiful fall landscape and winter mists that inspired Angelopoulos. Visit the Diethnes Café, the filmmaker's hangout, and explore the thriving local art scene at the Contemporary Art Museum, Fine Arts School and Florini Artists' Gallery.

Of course you'll eat well in Flórina, no matter what time of year you go. There are plenty of tavernas that are perfect after a day of skiing in the nearby Vigla Ski Resort. Hearty fasolada (bean soup) with famous Prespes beans, Florina red peppers, grilled meat and freshwater fish are all on the menu. I'm sure you'll love exploring this hidden corner of Greece!

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