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Traveling to Greece: Patras

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Traveling to Greece: Patras

We're back with our Weekly Greek Postcards! With these newsletters, we want to show you what we consider the best places to visit in Greece, some you might know, some more off the beaten track, our hidden gems. This week we're featuring Greece's third largest city, Patras (Pátra in Greek), connected to the northern mainland by Santiago Calatrava's striking bridge to Rio. Patras has a major university, which means lots of vibrant student life to complement the natural hustle & bustle of such a major Mediterranean port (you can catch a ferry to Italy & the Ionian islands here!). 

Patras has lovely museums: a striking Archaelogical museum, plus Folk Art and History & Ethnology. You'll find restored neoclassical buildings and modern street art, too, not to mention plenty of restaurants & cafes and squares to rest while climbing the hills!

St Andrew Church in Patras


  1. The Castle and park around it, and nearby Roman Odeum & Theater n the hills above downtown
  2. Spinney Hill, the dassílio, a pine-covered hill with pretty views of the bay
  3. Saint Andrew's Cathedral, home of Patras' patron saint celebrating Nov 30th
  4. The restored home of renown Greek poet Kostis Palamas
  5. Achaia Claus winery, just outside town, the romantic birthplace of mavrodáfni wine
Castle of Patras


Patras is the beating heart of Greece's Carnival season and the first city to start these Apókries celebrations, already at the end of January! Events run throughout the four-week period leading up to the start of Lent, with parades, masquerade balls, family-friendly activities, musical & theatrical performances and more. It's a great time to be in Patras.

Carnival in Patras

It's been a difficult three pandemic years for the Patras Carnival but this video from 2019 gives you an idea of what we're in for this year! Whenever you decide to go to Patras , I hope you have an amazing time!

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