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Traveling to Greece: Paros and 5 must taste dishes

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Traveling to Greece: Paros and 5 must taste dishes

Visit Paros in Spring or Fall, you'll see the island at its best, without the hordes of visitors! What to taste there? Definitely the local cheeses - fresh xinomyzitha (a soft, creamy cheese), "oil" cheese (harder cheses), excellent Gruyère, kefalotiri (a hard, salty cheese), bagged cheeses and kopanisti (a sharp, soft cheese). If you're a cheese lover, you'll love them all! 

Revythada from Paros island

If you're not, no worries, there are plenty of other local delicacies to try. Read on for our Top 5 Must-Taste Dishes from Paros.

  1. Gouna Fish:A delicious local specialty made of sun-dried mackerel fish, drizzled with herbs and then grilled, and served with fresh lemon juice.Yum!
  2. Karavoloi: Another authentic Parian recipe! Karavoloi are actually giant boiled snails served with garlic sauce. They make a great meze with some white wine.
  3. Octopus Balls: A unique recipe with the scents of the Aegean. An old-time favorite for the locals and visitors alike. Octopus balls (just like meatballs but made with octopus) are considered an amazing appetizer. Imagine yourself sitting in a tavern by the sea, eating this delicacy...
  4. Revithada: Cooked overnight in clay pots with onions, garlic, laurel, and wine, this specialty chickpea stew is served all year round and also in festivals and celebrations. An amazing recipe that we will share with you the meantime, enjoy the picture above!
  5. Rafiolia: What cannoli? Rafiolia, are the ultimate fried pastries made of dough, myzithra cheese, honey, and cinnamon. An original, traditional, sweet & savory Parian recipe that you will love.

No plans to go to Paros any time soon? Don't worry, we'll deliver to your door plenty of the authentic Greek goodies you're craving!

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