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Traveling to Greece: Ioannina, 3 must taste dishes

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Zelos' tips for traveling to Ioannina, Greece and 3 must taste dishes

Visit Ioánnina all year long and you'll never be bored by this northern Greek city! Take in the lively student vibe at busy cafés on the lakefront; wander the mystical winding streets of the old walled town, with the ruins of the minaret and charming bed & breakfasts and boutique hotels; you can even ride a boat on the lake to admire the view from the water! But, of course, we haveour food recos, too. What to try in Ioánnina? Definitely, thelocal cheese, metsovone, a hard or semi-hard smoked cheese is a must (it goes brilliantly with our cheese pairings, too)! Ioannina hasan olive variety calledKonservoliathat's worth trying and goes great with a local dish,  alevrópita, literally "flour pie" but more similar to a feta cheese flatbread with herbs. When I was there a few years ago, I tried this pie with a little bit of honey and it was a dream!

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