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Traveling to Greece: Kalavryta, a year-round destination

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Tips to traveling to Kalavryta Greece

Kalavryta, is a popular year-round destination in the north-central Peloponnese. In the winter, the town serves as a base for great skiing on Mount Helmosand in the summer people come to enjoya dreamy setting amidst the plane trees. Stone houses & inns, shady squares, picturesque cafes, and enticing taverns make it a wonderful weekend destination from Athens or an ideal overnight stop along a tour of the Peloponnese. 

Tips to traveling to Kalavryta Greece

You can also ride the historic narrow-gauge rack railway fromKalávryta to Diakoptó, a fairytale 14km ride on a train route that wasinaugurated in 1896 and is still running today.

Tips to traveling to Kalavryta Greece

This route, which runs through the Vouraikos Gorge and ends at the shores of the Corinthian Gulf, is considered one of the most beautiful train routes in Greece. You'll especially appreciate how this train line was integrated into the environment without burdening the ecosystem of the gorge. It looks like it was always there, made by nature itself!

Last, but definitely not least, don't forget to visitTheCave of the Lakes,which is located near the village Kastriá, 11 miles fromKalávryta. This cave is actually an old river consisting of three levels! During the winter you can see a river with waterfalls, while during the summer the river dries up, and you can see 13 wonderful lakes.

Tips to traveling to Kalavryta Greece

The mountain villages around Kalávryta are also the ancestral home of my friend & partner-in-crime, Pauline, whose grandparents came from this beautiful region. Read on for a profile of her cousin, Alexandros "Sperxos" Pavlopoulos, who grew up in this charming town and became a true ambassador of Greek cuisine...in Dubai! Try Chef "Sperxos" almond encrusted feta appetizer recipe

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September 17, 2023

My ultimate dream is to spend 6 months in Greece and island hopping as well. Since this is still a dream, I look forward to receiving your emails and discovering villages, towns and exploring the many destinations you so vividly explain to the smallest detail. Please keep these stories and the delicious recipes of the many regions coming; they always put a smile on my face 😊😚😊🥰

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